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Hello and welcome to DASK!

DASK Land Surveying has established itself in the Southern California market as one of the leading providers of ATLA/ACSM Land Title Surveys.  We provide over 150 ALTA's a year to leading Commercial Brokers such as:

  • Dwyer-Curlett

  • The Alison Company

  • DMG Corporate

  • Churchill Mortgage

  • Pacific Southwest Realty Services

  • Crown & Associates

  • And Many More...

After 15 years of working for O'Malley & Associates in Escondido, Solomon "Sully" Handy established DASK Land Surveying in 1999 .  As  the Commercial Industry boomed, Solomon decided to gear his business to provide only ATLA/ACSM Land Title Surveys.  This directive strategy allowed DASK to

  1. Increase productivity by streamlining the process, tools and equipment

  2. Establish working relationships with all the major Title Companies

  3. Produce maps that are tailored to what the Lender, Attorneys, Title Companies and Clients require.

  4. Keep costs low by focusing on one end product; therefore keeping the cost of the survey well below the competition.

  5. Become the leader in providing ALTA/ACSM surveys in Southern California.

Jesus Solis - Field Crewman

Alex Solis - Field Crewman

Samuel Handy - Project Manager

Solomon Handy P.L.S. - President

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